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Our mission -

Inspiring normal people to be healthier, happier versions of themselves.
Pretty Fit PT help people to lead healthier lifestyles through 1-1 online coaching.

By offering exercise and nutrition solutions specific to each individual need we are changing lives for the better.

We are the pocket PT service that offers friendly yet expert advice.

Our personal approach ensures our clients achieve real results.

Who should join PrettyfiT? 

Anyone is welcome to join  – no previous exercise experience is required * (*anyone with any pre-existing medical or health conditions should seek doctors approval before starting).

How do I get started?

For more info email us -

See what AMAZING RESULTS you can achieve…!
Lynsey Micklefield, “FFL has provided me with the foundations for the rest of my healthier life! I lost 1stone and 4lbs in the first 21days, and have now gone on to lose a total of 2.5 stone! As an added bonus I gained an amazing support network and a fab bunch of friends – I have never felt healthier than I do right now!”
Lisa Stead, “Rachel/CommunityFit my time with your support will stay with me for life. I felt the best I have ever felt and plan to continue with this way of eating for ever! Thank you so much for showing me the ‘clean way’!
Linda Myers, “I lost a stone in just 3 weeks and have managed to keep up with the clean eating and love the classes. Thanks for your support Rachel!”
Tracey Parkin, “Doing the  FFL plan I never felt more focused and in control of my body. It wasn’t just the eating plans, but the daily exercise routine that made me feel alive…The support was amazing from both Rachel and the other people doing the plan…thankfully it hasn’t stopped, it’s now a way of life and I feel completely in control!”

PT Testimonials:

Lucy Tootell:

'Rachel is by far the best personal trainer that I have known. I started training with Rachel in  when I decided that I needed to lose a large amount of weight - I have now lost nearly 3 stone and have reached my goal weight which I am delighted about!       

I would not have been able to lose this weight without Rachel’s help. From day one she put together an action plan for me including menu plans and workout plans so that I could put what we did in a session into practice when training by myself. This was invaluable as it helped me to continue on the right path even without Rachel stood next to me helping me.

Unlike some personal trainers I have known Rach is extremely supportive and friendly, she motivates you to do your absolute best but never comes across as domineering or too pushy. Training with Rach feels more like training with a friend than a trainer – albeit a friend who pushes you to your absolute limit to the point where you cant physically move! She encourages you and supports you so that even when you’re feeling fed up or unmotivated you carry on.

Rach’s programmes are extremely well thought out and varied so that you don’t get bored. Her eating plans are easy to stick to and are created with you in mind so that you can easily stick to them.

I would not hesitate to recommend Rachel as an excellent personal trainer – she is the best!'

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